HiWiFi is not only a full-functioned home router that connects your multiple devices to the Internet, also it has a whole lot of features tailored to Internet users in mainland China. Yes, I mean MAINLAND China.

With an Linux-based operating system built in, the router now runs 15 applications developed in-house. The most interesting one — only for this one I’d buy such a router– is called “Outbound Travel Accelerator”. With no need to set up, you can visit websites like Youtube, Facebook or Twitter in mainland China with the app.

Another app blocks online video ads. It sounds the two above-mentioned apps alone will enrages some businesses or organizations in China. You must be concerned whether it will be blocked all together.

Or, you can just look at it as an app store. Chinese users are using all kinds of apps, some of which function just like that two. HiWiFi also helps visiting Apple App Store and Google Play easier — the latter is not accessible in mainland China, either.

With HiFiWi Android and iOS apps, you can manage a router and applications through your smartphone. So you can even take care of the one in your parents’ home no matter where you are — it’s especially useful in China as a large number of young people are not working in cities where their parents are living.

Now, does it sound like an app distributor, or a software management tool, or an appcessory everyone is working on? Does it sound like the router Qihoo, one of the leading players in mobile software management and app distribution, rolled out? Yes, that’s the next battle filed where some Chinese Internet companies would fight in.


Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at traceyxiang@gmail.com

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