Hangzhou Dianzi University invented Regenovo, a 3D printer based on biological materials, such as, medical polymer, inorganic materials, water gel and viable cells. Regenovo has printed out small scaled human ear cartilage and liver units, according to Xinhua.


Regenovo features multiple printing materials, low-cell damaging rate, accuracy and easy operation, introduced Xu Mingen, head of the research team. Compared with other similar printers abroad, Regenovo not only realized printing in aseptic conditions, but also has temperature-control cartridge that supports printing temperature ranging from -5℃ to 260℃, Xu added. The survival rated for printed cells reached 90 percent with a living time of up to four months.

Biological 3D printing is a frontier in 3D printing industry. The combination of 3D printing technology, biological materials, cell cultivation and medical imaging will boost the production of organs and biological medical products customized for specific patients. Xu predicted that artificial liver and kidney will be produced within future two decades (source in Chinese).

image credit: news.xinhuanet.com

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