Meet Studio, a Chengdu-based music app service, develops iOS and Android-based musical instrument, game and entertaining apps.

Similar to Audition Dance, the fifteen apps offered by Meet Studio enable users to enjoy the fun of music by tapping on a certain button at an appropriate time.

The apps are divided into three categories, namely, traditional Chinese musical instrument, modern instrument and educational apps. Meet Studio claimed that their products had been downloaded for tens million times. Magic Zither, Cool Keyboard and Piano Coach are the bestsellers by the company.

Most of the music apps in China are based on piano, guitar and drums, including Guitar Professional and String Wars, while a few are customized for professional musicians, such as GarageBand and ProTools. Meet Studio stands out among rivals because it is focused on traditional Chinese musical instruments, such as Guzheng, Chinese lute, urheen and cucurbit flute.

Most music apps developed by Chinese are targeted at young music fans and parents who take it as a means to cultivate their children.

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