Yes! TechCrunch China Went Live, And It Needs Your Feedback!

1 min read went live last week. You may have read the announcement on TechCrunch that day, but we waited till today to share it with you after having collected some feedback.

Some of our readers, as exiting as we are though, were not quite happy with the font & font-size, page layout, load speed and the translation style.

The font and font-size have been changed accordingly. The load speed cannot be improved at the moment as we are on WordPress VIP — itself isn’t accessible in China. TechCrunch is about to launch a new design, so we’ll have a brand new web layout then. It may take us some time to polish up the translated articles as we try to keep the flavor of the original as well as having them informative enough in Chinese.

Currently our focus is the content with which we hope to benefit all the Chinese readers that have been educated by pirated Chinese translations of TechCrunch. But the launch of is just the very beginning and a small part of value we want to add to China’s startup ecosystem. We’ll launch offline events later with resources from TechCrunch and TechNode to make a difference in China’s tech media. Please stay tuned.

If you read Chinese, please tell us whenever you spot anything incorrect on TechCrunch China. Also please feel free to reach out if you think we can work together on a business partnership. Your feedback or help would be much appreciated!

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