StocKeeper, Mobile Analytical Tool Tracking Your Capital Gains And Losses

DC7074D27A7B214A66752CDF92020FBBAFB0CE2C36D92_193_196StocKeeper(not official translation) is another data analytic tool for stockninvestors which just went live on Apple Store. This new app serves investors with real-time information about their gains and losses on each  investment they made.

For those investors who put their heads deeply into the game , seldom do they know clearly about how much they have been gaining through the investing and what exactly their past efforts and actions look like. To help them make smarter decisions, this analytic service seeks to inform users with data based on four parameters: Period, Sector, Risk, and Index and presents all the data in various layout and methods. Users can now track and view every up-and-downs through their investment history.

Screenshots of the iOS version of StocKeeper
Screenshots of the iOS version of StocKeeper

Based in Shanghai, this startup currently takes the business model of freemium. Since there are already plenty of similar products out on the market, we understand that to work on the analytic data service needs algorithms, data as well as comprehensive knowledge of financial research and analysis. And this team with only four people has it all. The founder Ji Dehong himself is a veteran with over a decade’s experience in serving the finance sector. He knows everything about the development and management of software on hedge funds, securities, risk management and is also a certified financial planner. This is actually his second endeavor into the market of internet finance.

According to the team, StocKeeper will launch more functions such as management of risks and assets in the near future.