Shanda, the once biggest online gaming company, announced its mobile gaming strategy today. Shanda Games has built a mobile game platform, G-Home , and plans to launch 36 mobile games in the upcoming year.

The mobile game platform offers almost everything the company’s PC-based gaming service has done, user accounts and membership system, payments solution, virtual credit sales channels, user data platform, etc.

G-Home promises to offer the highest revenue-sharing ratio to selected quality third-party games, or even acquire some games. Also it won’t charge for advertising on the platform while most game platforms do so.

The platform also promises to open all the user data to game developers or operators. Shanda will allow any third party, through licensing, to include G Family as a whole or games from G Family in their own platforms and share revenues generated.

The company said up to 90% revenues generated from a game will go to developers and third parties. The mobile game platform will expand to Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and other countries or regions in Southeast Asia.

As one of the oldest online gaming companies in China, Shanda claims on its platform there are one billion active user accounts, 100 million paying accounts and 20 million premium subscribers.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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