Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced yesterday that mobile Internet users was 820 million, 69.2% of the total mobile phone users, at the end of July (in Chinese).

3G subscribers reached 334 million, 30.5% of the total mobile Internet users and 28.2% of the total mobile phone users. 100.9 million new subscribers have been added this year.

Households with broadband access reached 183 million, with 31.6 million with fiber-optic connections. Fiber-optic access-equipped homes as a percentage of all broadband households increased to 17.3%, from 11.6% as of the end of 2012.

Earlier this month China’s State Council unveiled a “Broadband China” plan on the broadband coverage and Internet infrastructure, hoping to realize full broadband coverage by 2020.

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Tracey Xiang

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    1. To my understanding, CMIIT counts people who ever used mobile phones, including feature phones that can get connected with 2G/2.5G networks, to access Internet content.

      CNNIC counts Internet netizens, with a total of 500+ million, who also get connected with mobile devices — it refers to them as mobile Internet netizens.

      It is estimated that a considerable number of mobile phone users who do access the Internet — like factory workers in smaller cities — don’t visit the Web through PCs.

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