MIUI, the customized Android ROM by Xiaomi, announced today that Android app downloads through its built-in app store reached 1 billion one year (391 days ) after launch. Xiaomi claims it’s of the top 5 app stores out of the over 200 in China.

Of the 20 million MIUI users, 17 million are active users of the app store, downloading 5 million apps daily. 70% of 14 million Xiaomi phone users ever downloaded apps from the store — 30% Xiaomi phone users either don’t download apps at all or didn’t download from the pre-installed app store on the MIUI homescreen? Interesting.

Game apps in the Game Center ( those games are also included in the app store), is generating RMB 10 million ($1.63 mn)  in monthly revenue. Hong Feng, lead of MIUI, told local media not long ago that 60% of MIUI’s total revenues was from games, and the rest came from other paid apps, browser(paid search + paid links/display ads), themes, reading and cloud service, among others.

The company made clear that its profitability strategy is making one-off profits from hardware sales and sustained profits from the software ecosystem, MIUI. Xiaomi now is a $10 billion company, aiming at making RMB 100 billion in annual revenue in two to three years.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at traceyxiang@gmail.com

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  1. can you confirm the game revenue figure? RMB 10 million is $1.6 million not $163 million?

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