Zhaoniya, also known as Uyi Uyao, is a mobile app targeted to balance the demands of pharmacies and patients. The app provides separate apps for merchants and users.

Zhaoniya distributes orders placed by users to pharmacies within 2 miles of the user’s location. The pharmacists will connect the patients after receiving the orders to give professional advices and to decide which kind of medicine to deliver. The app now provides free service to both pharmacies and patients. But the customers are allowed to pay extra tips to pharmacies, especially when the medicine has to be delivered at night.


Screenshot of Zhaoniya

Zhaoniya offers both Web and App access for pharmacies, which can define their delivery distances by themselves. The monthly turnover of brick-and-mortar drug stores advanced around 10% after using this app, according to Chen Xiaofeng, founder of the company.

Zhaoniya has established cooperation relationship with more than 600 drug stores in Shanghai, covering both individual and chain stores like For me, Deyi and Kaixinren. Chen aims to cover more than 2,000 Shanghai drug stores in next six months, achieving a coverage rate of 40%. The firm also planned to make foray into Beijing market.

In the long term, Zhaoniya planned to introduce doctors into the platform, creating an ecosystem for the three parties of doctors, pharmacies and patients, according to Chen.

The company’s founder Chen Xiaofeng is an experienced entrepreneur. He was the co-founders of digital magazine VIKA (acquired by Sina) and mobile reading app Zaker.

The market size of pharmaceutical industry reached 250 billion yuan in 2012, increasing at an annual growth rate of 18% to 20% (report in Chinese).

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