Ader Mobile, the mobile ad platform run by Renren, surveyed 1,040 Chinese mobile netizens (aged between 15 to 64) in Q2 2013.

According to this study, mobile devices is becoming an indispensable part of our daily life with 90% of customers access mobile Internet from mobile devices on daily basis. 80% of users access to Internet via their smartphones and 47% via their iPads.

71% of the customers surveyed said that they won’t go outside without mobile device at hand and 46% choose mobile devices over TV sets/desktops. The average time customers spend on mobile Internet is 183 mins per day. The most popular online slot for mobile device users is from 19:00 to 22:00. Home and workplace are where mobile Internet is most frequently used.


Mobile devices are changing customers’ behaviors in terms of communication, information acquisition, entertainment and consumption with instant messaging tools, news/information, online music and shopping as the most favored functions in these categories respectively.

Mobile payment becomes popular with 76% of users have made mobile purchases and 36% made at least one mobile purchase on monthly basis.

Mobile devices connect advertiser and consumers, as 66% of users pay much attention to mobile ads. Mobile ads shapes up consumer behaviors with 53% of users admit that their consuming behaviors are influenced to some extend by mobile ads. Simple and intuitive ads are more acceptable among mobile users. Advertisements in the form of graphic, text and videos are more receptive for 27%, 20% and 9% of customers.

image credit: Ader Mobile

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