Baidu has developed three pieces of hardware, a WiFi dongle, a router and a portable projector.

The plug-and-play dongle and router will help all your devices get connected to a wireless network. Also users can download videos from Baidu Video, a video search, through the two devices.

Baidu Router

Obviously Baidu takes aim at Qihoo who released a dongle and a router earlier. It’s also rumored that Qihoo would launch a video app soon. The dongle, the first to be launched, will be is priced at 18.9 yuan, only one yuan lower than that of Qihoo’s.

The projector, supporting DLNA, Airplay and Miracast, will allows for projecting flash videos and other video files onto TV screens.

Baidu Projector

The package of the three will be sold for no more than 300 yuan. The price alone must be attractive to consumers given all the functions they’d offer together.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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