The Web Behind The Wall, the newest TechNode publication debuted at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF stage this past week.  This launch of this interactive ebook could not be more timely as it coincided with China’s becoming the largest internet user base, the biggest ecommerce market by revenue, and the biggest gaming market in the world.

This production was a collectively effort lead by Dr. Gang Lu, the founder of TechNode along with Kevin Chen, Jason Lim, and Ben Jiang with contribution from TechinAsia, TechRice, Frog Design, and The Founder’s Magazine.  The book is written by techies for techies, and has already gotten stellar reviews from industry influencers such as Ken Wilcox, Chairman and Founder of Silicon Valley Bank,  Marc van der Chijs, Co-Founder of Tudou, and Fritz Demopoulos, Co-Founder of Qunar, Akio Tanaka, Co-Founder of Infinity Venture Partners – all wildly successful foreign entrepreneurs in China. [Read their reviews here]

The mission of this book is to really make it easy for foreign companies to transition and localize in China says Chen; the lead author,  it contains comprehensive information on how the internet works, who uses it, what innovation means in China, and how you can make money from it.  The book is a true distillation and accumulation of the stories and events that sets the trend and pave the way for future entrepreneurs who wants to compete in the international stage.

The book is super easy to read (takes about 30 minutes) and beautifully designed by the Zoe Zhang, graduate of China Academy of Art and programmed by Biaowei Zhuang.  However, if you can’t imagine reading the book, we’ve helped you summarize into 4 major points that this book makes:

  1. China is a world’s biggest online market and its not slowing down but it is not for the faint of heart – it takes patience and long terms strategy to win big in this super-sized market.
  2. Chinese government is very pro innovation but at the same time wants to control how the internet works with policies and regulation that hinder innovations.  Speaking of conflicting personality…
  3. Chinese market fragmentation is heavy, but consolidation is happening given some big acquisition that signifies alliance formation.  This means very real opportunities for entrepreneurs as copycatting subsides.
  4. Chinese companies are going global – Tencent, Alibaba, Netease, Lenovo, Huawei, all have aggressive expansion plans to compete on the international stage.

For those of you who like reading on Kindle, the book is also on sale here.

Kevin I Chen

Author of Web Behind The Wall and Sr. Technology Development Manager. Came to Shanghai from Silicon Valley in 2010, focused on entrepreneurship, startup China, O2O, Retail Technology. Further Inquiries,...

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