Mobile Gameplay Recording Service Kamcord is releasing an Android solution (Intro video) today that works the same with that for iOS. Users now can record gameplays of Android games with Kamcord SDK in.

Kamcord released the SDK for iOS in June 2012. The company believes they were the first to do so and now again the first to be able to do so on Android. Co-founder Kevin Wang thinks its a technological breakthrough given “the difficulties associated with recording performance in the Android environment”.

Asia, dominated by Android, is naturally Kamcord’s next target market. The company announced last month an additional 1 million funding from China-based Tencent and Innovation Works. Previously it had raised funding from Japan-based Digital Garage and, and Tencent. The ties to Asian investors will help Kamcord reach Asian game developers and social platforms.

Online gaming has been a major business for many Asian Internet companies like Tencent for years. They have seen PC-based gameplay recording being popular and lucrative in Asian countries. And mobile gaming is widely recognized the first big money on mobile. No wonder Asian investors would like to invest in a company like Kamcord.

Last month, Kamcord announced that it had recorded 1 billion mobile gameplays. Kamcord now has over 1 million video shares on its platform. “Having a million videos on our servers gives us a lot of epic gameplay content to pick from when deciding what videos to show in the Kamcord SDK as well as on our website. This along with the newly rolled out social features such as likes, comments, and user profiles allows us to start building a rich community around gameplay video,” said Kamcord co-founder Aditya Rathnam.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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