Mobile karaoke app Maichang reportedly received 15 million yuan ($2.44 million) of Services A Financing from Touch Wood (source in Chinese).

Targeted at grassroots music fans, Maichang differs from other karaoke apps in that it is more of a group networking community, because the app encourages users to play in teams consisted of family members. The singing competitions held by Maichang, which also take families as contestant units, provide opportunities for them to communicate and share experiences, said Liu Jian, founder of the company.

Taking family as units will be more effective in producing local stars. Family members that have performance talents can become stars and other members can act as a supporting team, Liu added. Maichang aims to turn families into performing groups and releases dedicated channels for family-based video shows.

Maichang planned to enrich the audio contents and add anecdotes sharing as well as dancing videos to their services, said Liu. Maichang will add more gamification features to increase user engagement.

Maichang has around 8 million registered users and 700,000 daily active users, disclosed Liu. Similar domestic companies are Changba, Karaoke Master and Audiocn.

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