Coship, an SARFT (The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television) – backed electronics manufacturer and solution provider, will launch a set-top box, named Feikan, and accompanying solution, called Mushroom UI, tomorrow.

The company adopted the same strategy with LeTV’s — doing everything, from hardware, video content, apps to sales channels.

In a Weibo post by Yuan Ming, board chairman of Coship, he implies the solutions by LeTV and Xiaomi are inferior than the upcoming one, based on Android 4.0, by Coship.

Sina didn’t join the online video trend a couple of years ago  — Charles Chao, CEO of Sina, once said they’d not spend too much money on buying online video content when competitions among Chinese video sites drove the prices of video rights crazy high. Now the right prices are not that high anymore and Sina plans to improve video offering to gain more market share in FMCG advertising, Chao said on the earnings conference call for Q1 2013. He disclosed then that Sina would reach partnership with third parties for long-form videos.

Coship turns out to be one — if not the only one. It is expected that social content from Weibo and other interactive services will be included in the Feikan system.

Sina also works on other video-related services that include a Vine-style short video recording app. Chao also disclosed during the above-mentioned conference call that a mobile app for radio was under development.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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