Micro-life Membership Card is an official WeChat account operated by Tencent’s lifestyle e-commerce service Micro-life. It started offering digital membership cards authorized by merchants on Micro-life’s own website directly on WeChat from mid-2012.

Now the Micro-life account launched a new version, named X1, that supports customized offerings, payments and services for merchants to do mobile CRM. Now users can click open a restaurant saved through Micro-life, make an order and pay for it without leaving WeChat.

Screenshots for the Dish Ordering Feature
Screenshots for the Dish Ordering Feature

McDonald’s was one of the first on Micro-life platform that was able to issue e-coupons or deals and accept payments for purchases.

Next, X1 will support KTV reservations. At the same time, Micro-life is working on moving department stores onto WeChat.

Micro-life now has 30 million users, one thousand brand partners and has issued 50 million WeChat membership cards, accroding to Geng Zhijun, lead of the division (in Chinese). Their goal is to have 80 million users by the end of this year and generate one billion yuan in monthly transaction. Micro-life takes transaction-based commissions. It is reported that it charges merchants an average of several thousand yuan a year.

image credit: techdoc.fd.zol-img.com.cn

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