Beijing Design Week 2013 marks a new era in evolution by approving the 3D Printing Festival held at the TheNode International Innovation Center (TechNode’s to-be-open office) in 751 DPark from September 28th – October 3rd, 2013 powered by 360Fashion Network.  The 3D Printing Festival showcases 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Worlds with hands-on training for industrial designers, architects, artists, and fashion designers to learn how they can harness 3D Technologies in the form of their prototyping, industrial product design, brand building, retail, and advertising campaigns. The 3D Printing Festival at TheNode is located 100 meters away from the 751 Train Station next to the Xiaoke Theater.

According to Anina Net, Founder and CEO of 360Fashion Network, the 3D Printing Festival 2013, allows visitors to experience the power of 3D as presented in eight workshop areas within the venue.  

DIGITAL ME. See your own replica in 3D !

Visitors can start to explore 3D by first creating their “Digital Me” persona the moment they step into the 3D Scanning Booth. Using eight high-precision scanners developed by TianYuan 3D Scanner company – the leading 3D Scanner company in China – visitors will create an exact replica of themselves in 3D. After creating their “Digital Me”, visitors have the choice of three different ways to output themselves by using 3D Printing, 3D Augmented Reality, or upload to a 3D Virtual World.

Play and Discover possibilities in 360 Fashion Network Tech Zone

Visitors can bring their “Digital Me” scan to the on-site technicians and 3D Print their very own statue of themselves. They can even combine their Digital Me with their friends scans, freezing themselves in time forever in a unique and personal memento to take home or share.


The 3D Printing Zone offers visitors the opportunity to view powerful precision industrial. In the Showroom Space, visitors can discover the space through reading explanations and seeing animations by downloading the 360AR iPhone app ( and pointing their screen at photos in The Showroom Area. In this area 751 Virtual World Map awaits them to uncover facts about the historical landmarks around them using Augmented Reality.


With step-by-step instructions both enthusiasts for home-use can attend Daily workshops from 14:00- 14:45, along with creative professionals for business industrial-use can attend Daily workshops from 15:00 – 15:45. Workshop attendees can walk away having created 3D objects and printed them out directly on our Tiertime printers.

There are different daily conferences with guest speakers every day on different topics. Guests can sign up here: or download the program App powered by 360Fashion MobileMags technologies, to any iOS & Android mobile phone by typing this url into their mobile phone browser: .


When stepping into the conferences zone guests have the opportunity to teleport into the 751 DPark Virtual World, posing at the entrance of the Gasometer together with the Anina 3D Model. Photos with the 3D Anina character will be posted on @360Fashion sina weibo for everyone to download.

“The 3D Festival is a continuation of our large scale educational and demonstration exhibitions aimed at preparing industries to understand and use the latest technologies. The demand for efficient production and economical prototyping design solutions has been increasing globally. 3D scanning, printing, and augmented reality technologies are definitely an answer to creating a more sustainable economic marketplace where supply meets demand,” Anina said to us.

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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