Tencent launched cooperation with Gehua CATV, an A-share listed cable radio and television network service, to stream live television programs via the public account of Fly TV, the mobile television arm of Gehua which has nearly 200,000 users as of the first half of 2013 (report in Chinese).

Although watch videos on cellphones is nothing new to smartphone users, watch television programs via WeChat account not only save the efforts to search or download another app, but also give full play to the social functions of WeChat. Users can comment and share the videos to their friends.

The service now covers the televison programs from more than 100 channels, such as different channels under CCTV and a raft of regional satellite televisions.

The service, which is free now, has garnered more than 10,000 audiences since its debut on September 24 without any promotion activities, according to Mr. Meng, representative from Gehua. Meng added that the company will not charge for the service, but it is considering to launch in-depth cooperation with WeChat to monetize the project by offering value-added services, such as advertisements, video playback, and UGC sharing.

Emma Lee

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