Snail Game, an online game developer, recently rolled out a mobile platform consisting of three parts for mobile games, apps and hardware. The company also planned to develop an app for the platform in the future and land on North American, Russian, Japanese and South Korean markets (report in Chinese).

For the mobile gaming unit, Snail planned to release six games, covering the categories of cards, RPG and chesses. With two apps currently debuted on the platform, Snail said that they will focus on apps for account security and payments in the future. Additionally, Snail may place more emphasis on hardware sector, since Shi Hai, CEO of the company, once disclosed that the firm aims to develop home-grown smartphones.

The competition in domestic mobile gaming market is becoming stiffer as more and more domestic game developers, distributors and foreign firms muscled in to take a bite on the cake. Shanda Game (NASDAQ: GAME) and Perfect World (NASDAQ: PWRD), two bellwethers in online gaming industry, also planned to make inroads into mobile gaming sector.

Emma Lee

Emma Lee is Shanghai-based tech writer, covering startups and tech happenings in China and Asia in general. We are looking for stories related to tech and China. Reach her at lixin@technode.com.

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