Ptmind is a cross-device Web tracking and analytics service. Previously being focused on Japanese market, it just launched an English version in beta, rebranded as Miapex, in order to expand outside Japan.

Except for average websites analytics features, Miapex offers heatmaps for both PC-based webpages and mobile pages.

Robin Zheng, its founder and CEO, started developing the service at a Japanese college when there was few such service in the country. Till now the company has more than 1000 clients with most being Japanese, charging them based on traffic. Recently it reached partnership with SoftBank BB Corp. to sell the solution to the latter’s partners.

R&D engineers of Miapex, however, are Chinese and based in Beijing, China — the founder himself is Chinese. Miapex plans to land on developed markets first. When asked why Ptmind wouldn’t expand to their mother country first, the founder argues 1) Chinese developers don’t value such services so much as their peers in developed markets, and are not willing to pay; 2) the company wants to first try advanced markets where the product can be improved based on a higher level of demand. Then, when less developed markets become more mature, they will bring a proven solution to those markets including China. But it seems the company doesn’t determinedly give up the ever-growing market to competitors that it’s now also running a Chinese version.

Self-funded from day one, the company hasn’t announced any funding. More than a few investors approached, the founder said.

Tracey Xiang

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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