Chinese entrepreneurs are not missing out the smart home trends. Broadlink, specialized in developing Internet of Things Wi-Fi solutions, is working on connecting every piece of appliances in your home, no matter whether they can connect to your home Wi-Fi network directly, through Wi-Fi and control them with mobile apps.

It has launched a couple of consumer-facing products. It’s first product is SP1, a smart plug that controls your water cooler, water heater and other appliances at home remotely, or monitors home energy consumption. Being plugged it into every socket, the plug would automatically search for and connect to the Wi-Fi in your home. Then you’ll be able to control appliances or use other functions with its iOS or Android app from anywhere away from home. SP1 is sold for 159 yuan, about $25.

e-Remote connects to your home Wi-Fi network and then can control all the infrared devices, such as air conditioner, set-top box and TV, in your home through an iOS or Android app in your smartphone. It’s sold at 179 yuan. It’s about $29, but it’s sold for more than that in USD with some online retailers like this one.

Broadlink e-Remote
Broadlink e-Remote

A new product will be launched next month. Ultimately Broadlink wants to become a supermarket for smart home gadgets to meet different needs of consumers.

The company also offers Wi-Fi modules for hardware manufacturers. It takes about 15 days to develop a solution for a client, according to Liu Zongru, CEO of Broadlink.

Broadlink is the winner of  China QPrize 2013, the seed investment competition organized by Qualcomm Ventures. It’s QPrize’s fifth year in China. Ten teams made to the final contest with products covering gaming, healthcare, wearable smart devices, the Internet of things, education, fashion, and other consumer-facing areas.

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