An average of 200 thousand Chinese kids from 0 to 14 years old that got lost every year. More than 4 million messages on Sina Weibo, the most popular micro-blogging platform in China, are for searching for lost pets. Zhu Liqiang mentioned those numbers to justify Zhaozhao, a gadget his company is working on.

The accompanying iOS/Android app can track down whoever carrying the smaller-than-palm gadget, kids, seniors or pets, locating where they are and saving all the data onto the cloud platform which is powered by Baidu Cloud. You can see the surroundings of it at any given time, which is powered by Soso Streetview.

Your kids or elderly parents can also let you know where they are anytime by clicking on the power button on the gadget. You can also set an area that a notification will be sent to you whenever the gadget moves out of the border.

The team behind Zhaozhao is PoleGame, an online game developer. That’ s why Zhu Liqiang is confident that Zhaozhao will differentiate from others that they’d add gamification to it later on.

Apps or gadgets for tracking kids or pets are not new, but the market in China is at an early stage.

Zhaozhao is of the top three of China QPrize 2013, the seed investment competition organized by Qualcomm Ventures. It’s QPrize’s fifth year in China. Ten teams made to the final contest with products covering gaming, healthcare, wearable smart devices, the Internet of things, education, fashion, and other consumer-facing areas.

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