Chemayi, previously known as Chepinmall, received $2 million of Series A Financing from Morningside Ventures (report in Chinese). The capital will be used to optimize the ordering process and UI design. The company disclosed that it will launch offline promotion and integration of merchants when Series B financing is secured.

Chemayi is a C2B car aftersales service platform, offering automobile decoration and maintenance services. Users can release their demands on the platform, such as tire replacement, waxing and maintenance. Chemayi will distribute these orders to contracted partners according to location, type and age of cars, and mileage.

Launched in April this year, Chemayi established cooperation relationship with 168 merchants in Hangzhou and 50 in Beijing and Shanghai, respectively. The registered users of the platform amounted to 10,000, of which 70% to 80% comes from SEO.

This is the third auto service company that Morningside invested in recently, while the other two companies are Souche and Gongpingjia. Founded in 1986, Morningside Ventures is a global investment firm engaged in both private equity and venture capital investments. Other technology companies Morningside invested in include Xiaomi, YY.com, Ddmap.com, Duowan.com, among others.

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