iChronoCloud Announced Tens of Millions Yuan of Pre-A Series Financing


iChronoCloud announced today tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A Series financing from Cai Wengsheng, a veteran investor and mentor in China’s internet industry, and Trends Group (report in Chinese).

iChronoCloud operates two brands namely, Kangnuo Cloud Service (software) and Kangnuo 365 Wearable Devices (Hardware).

The startup aims to ensure early prevention of chronic diseases by collecting biological data from users with smart wearable devices in order to detect the first signs of anomalies in people. The wearable devices offer continuous monitoring on blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar levels, blood oxygen, body temperature, and BMI indexes.

Users should first provide basic personal information, like gender, age, etc. Kangnuo Cloud Service, a mobile app, will analyze the basic information as well as data collected from the wearable devices. Personalized recommendations will be offered to users on the best time to take exercise, take medication, go to bed, and so on.

The company developed three wearable products, smart sphygmomanometer, body analyzer, and smartwatch. The company planned to put these products into mass production by the beginning of next year (source in Chinese).