UZwan, a HTML5 gaming platform developed by Jincan Network, secured tens of millions yuan in Series A funding from Qingsong Fund (report in Chinese).

UZwan is principally engaged in providing distribution, promotion and billing services to online games created with HTML5- the new markup language revision. Compared with App games, HTML5 games spared players from downloading individual apps. Additionally, they have better cross-platform compatibility and do not occupy the memory of devices.

Launched in June 2013, UZwan offers services to nearly 60 HTML5 games, such as Sleeping Beauty, covering more than 20 game categories.

Dong Zhanbin, partner of Qingsong Fund, said that the team led by Tan Qunzhao, founder and CEO of the UZwan, has strong executive powers. Tan, who once worked in Shanda Games as board chairman and CEO, left the company to start his own business in 2012.

Qingsong Fund is founded in 2012, mainly focused on early-stage Internet startups. Qingsong Fund has invested in over 20 companies in the field of web game and mobile game, including JoyYou, developer of web game Jiejisanguo, HRG Technology, and Nibiru.

Emma Lee

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