Editor’s Note: This article is contributed by Stella Su, BPM consultant at ActionSoft CO.,LTDProcessOn is a business collaboration platform combined diagram service with social network for enterprises, teams, business individuals. It was founded in June 2011 and launched in early 2012 by Jack Liu, CEO of ActionSoft CO.,LTD, also the founder of CN-Java.

ProcessOn is a web-based online drawing tool that gives opportunity to work together and share designs with other users. Using this online tool, you can create great-looking diagrams with HTML designer. It is equipped with web standards like JavaScript and HTML5, so that users can draw diagrams on all modern browsers immediately.

ProcessOn is free that allows users to create professional flowcharts, diagrams, organizational charts, EVC, EPC, etc. It has been founded as social network website of Beijing Yanhuang Yingdong Technology Development Co. Ltd. in June 2011.

It is divided into three parts – social network, diagram library and free online Diagramming software.

It is quite flexible because it can import files from Visio (vxd) and BPMN files and even utilize different types of library objects. You can add flowchart, BPMN shapes, EVC shapes, EPC shapes, pool, lane, UML classes, etc. to your diagram by simply dragging them. From the insert menu, you can add text in to your shape.

With feature-rich document management, you can view document anytime, as well as copy, modify, delete, move, etc. It is very simple and intuitive online tool. No need of any registration or login to create diagram, but it is necessary to save your creation online. No longer process, you can register on the site within a minute.

During the process of drawing, you can invite friends, colleagues, or some consultants to join association and discuss together. There is also group function that is approximately similar to watercress, wherein you can create private groups or interest groups for communication, share documentation, publishing topic, etc. The site supports Auto-save and real-time collaboration. Here, multiple users can edit the same file at the same time for collaboration and multiplayer chat. There is also online chatting tool to discuss about the drawing, modifying, and improving process in real time with your friends, clients and colleagues.

The social network feature allows users to follow people, follow tags, update info, ratings and add comments to diagrams, etc. By rating and commenting, you can increase the value of diagram and help other users to find best diagram easily. Visitors can filter diagrams by ratings, time and comments for easy use. In addition, there is also option to search diagrams by owners and tags. It will also notify you when other people follows your update or diagram. On the whole, ProcessOn is really best online tool to create diagrams collaboratively. In the near future, the site will also replace the current traditional drawing tool.

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