Remember the time you measured everything three times in your home before going for an IKEA trip? The actual piece of furniture might still disappoint you when you bring it home. NCONNEX’s Picksureit has a solution for you: tapping Microsoft’s motion sensor technology Kinect, the augmented reality app lets you place virtual pieces of furniture in an interior environment and check them with real dimensions.

It creates a win-win situation for buyers and retailers: consumers can make smarter decisions so sellers face lower return rate. The free app is available in the Apple Store and will be launching on Google Play soon.

IKEA actually has an app that does a similar job. But Picksureit also wants to help interior designers and furniture manufacturers lower costs, its CTO Shichao Ou said during an interview. With a user-friendly interface, it allows 3D artists to upload their own 3D models to the app, visualize them at any scale, and present them to their customers. The app can also instantaneously build a high-quality 3D model when the user captures the physical object with a sensor.

3D model built instantaneously
3D models built instantaneously with a sensor (Source:

With a team of oversea Chinese entrepreneurs and developers, NCONNEX graduated in 2012 from Microsoft’s accelerator program for Kinect, co-hosted by Techstars, to help Microsoft Kinect build software applications beyond Xbox.

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