Boyibang, a Welldoc-like diabetes management app and platform, secured 4.5 million yuan ($733,974) of angel investment from Ameba Capital and Wu Jiong, executive director of Guahao (report in Chinese).

Founded in 2012, Boyibang combines self-monitoring, online consultation and smart +people reminding services. The app helps patients to keep track of their blood sugar level, food intake, sports and medication on the app, which will generate a real-time medical record. Based on these data, doctors will provide custom health management plans for patients.

The user apps of Boyibang is consisted of four parts, namely records, reminder, IM and knowledge database, where patients can browse articles on the illness or read posts recommended by doctors.

The doctor’s app features a special algorithm, which can help the doctors to categorize patients and clinical records. Doctors can share data of a certain patient to other doctors, facilitating the diagnosis within medical groups.

Business model adopted by similar apps are 1. In-app payment (eg. Welldoc). 2. Free app + paid hardware (eg. Glooko) Glooko offers free blood sugar level monitoring app, but charged for handset and blood glucose monitors. 3. Data service, such as helping insurance companies to run risk assessment or assisting medicine companies to run clinical trial. Similar domestic health app is Chunyuyisheng.

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