Neitui, a recruiting service focused on IT talents, announced 2.5 million yuan (around $407K) of angel investment from Innovation Works, pushing the company’s valuation to 10 million yuan (report in Chinese).

Founded by two programmers from Shanda in April of this year, Neitui, a vertical recruiting website for IT talents, introduced the internal recommendation mechanism popular among professionals to the Internet. The service adopted a raft of measures to screen headhunters, such as checking the suffix of register’s emails and limiting the daily position posts and resume delivery number of users.

In addition, nearly 90 Internet companies, like Alibaba and Baidu, have settled in the Neitui Contact channel, where job hunters can find current employees of these companies. If there are no appropriate positions on the platform, job hunters can contact these people directly by sending an email or a resume, and the current employees of these companies will reach out for applicants if appropriate positions are available.


Different from comprehensive recruitment sites, Neitui added several tools, such as private message, to facilitate communication and shorten the recruitment process. The web also launched virtual currency and Wechat account (Neituime), where applicants can search jobs and send resumes.

Huang Xiaoliang, founder of Neitui, disclosed that the service recorded nearly 20,000 registered users to date, with PV ranging between 20,000 to 25,000 and UV between 4,000 and 5,000. Without any promotion, overall 904 enterprises have used this service and 1742 job seekers have delivered their resumes on the platform.

Neitui currently only have three members and the capital raised this time will be used to expand the team, Huang stated.

Innovation Works invested in Neitui because it is interested in vertical recruiting sector and Neitui has established favorable word-of-mouth among companies that Innovation Works have invested in, according to Feng Xiaona, investment manager of the company.

Vertical recruiting services boomed in recent years. Similar vertical webs focused on IT talents are Nashangban and Lagou. Rernren Headhunting, a crowdsourcing recruiting app, is focused on high and medium-tier TMT talents.

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