DaXtra: Staffing Software Powered by Parsing and Semantic Analysis Technologies

QQ截图20131106164055DaXtra is a specialist in recruitment software, including multilingual CV/resume parsing, CV search, job matching software, and recruitment process software.

DaXtra delivers recruitment process automation solutions based on advanced natural language, resume analysis and semantic search technologies, capable of processing unstructured text and converting it into rich structured meta-data that can be used for automatic database, accurate searching, and analytics.

The software also provides relevancy ranking, intuitive filtering and shortlisting functions, enabling navigation of all possible results in a single interface and session.

The company’s product portfolio includes DaXtra Capture, DaXtra Search, DaXtra Parser, DaXtra Components and the upcoming DaXtra Analytics.

Headquarter in UK, the company has established office in Hong Kong to expand business in Asian market. The company’s partners include Akken, Avankia LLC, Arithon, Bond International Software, among others.