[TechCrunch Shanghai] Using Personalized Data to Create Tiny Miracles: CEO of Fertility App Glow

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Mike Huang: CEO & Co-founder of Glow (left)

At TechCrunch Shanghai, Jui Tan, General Partner of BlueRun China, sit down with Glow’s CEO and Co-founder Mike Huang to talk about what is unique about the fertility app.

Glow is a data science company which helps women to conceive, tackling the huge issue of female fertility that is at the center of a $5 billion market each year. It helps those who are struggling with fertility to save the hefty payment for fertility procedures which are not covered by health insurances, said Huang.

Glow rolled out an iOS-enabled free application (Android version is coming soon) based on data colelcted from those who failed to get pragnent and treated them with machine learning. It enables women to record detailed data about their menstrual cycles and symptoms to help predict their exact level of fertility each day.

The company also launched Glow First, a 10-month crowdfunding program for babies. Couples who want to have babies can invest $50 per month to the fund which will pay for fertility treatments of couples who failed to get pregnant by the end of 10 months.

Huang said Glow is not in a hurry to make money and their top priority right now is to make fantastic products for customers. They do not want to sacrifice any part of user experiences for monetization.

Glow is quickly establishing presence in Shanghai because its R&D team is based right here for around four years. Huang said that he truly believes the Chinese talents are comparable to their peers in Silicon Valley and what they need is more exposure to Silicon Valley’s innovative thinking.