Japan’s Room Rental Searching Site CHINTAI Launched New Room Searching Product

Japanese tech company Mujuryoku rolled out Search Rod, a new room searching concept model, for room rental searching site CHINTAI at Tokyo Designers Week 2013. The room dowsing service can automatically find the user’s ideal room to make room searching a fun experience like treasure hunting.

Searching Rod suggested a physical user interface sprung out from the PC or smartphone screen. The mechanism of this search rod is the acceleration sensor inside, which acquires movements of people.

The search rod reacts and spreads apart when people make a subconscious movement like, suddenly turning around, starts walking slowly from observing something, make small jumps by surprise, etc.

Because the reaction of the real dowsing machine seems to be caused by the subconscious movement by the users, the mechanism of the search rod is just the same as the real dowsing.

In the future, Mujuryoku might cooperate with GPS and house information database to make search rod available in more regions.