Baidu released today the Report on Development Trends of Mobile Internet to analyze the status quo and prospects of mobile industry in terms of user attributes, user behaviors, and mobile searching.

China’s daily active user on Android platform amounted to 270 million with daily usage time exceeding 150 minutes. But the quarter-on-quarter growth rate slowed down to 13%.

52% of 86 million Android terminals shipped this quarter are for replacement of the old Android devices, while 45% of the newly increased 37 million Android users come from third- or fourth-tier cities.

The adjustment in user base structure signaled that the users in first- and second-tier cities are becoming more mature and the rapid growth of medium- and low-end users opened up a wider market for handset manufacturers.

WiFi is the first option for Android users to gain access to the Internet. The usage time of WiFi and 3G networks account for 46% and 23% of the total.

Life, entertainment, tool, video and browser are the top five app categories in terms of download. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent took the top three spots as app developers.

In the reporting period, monthly average app download per user is 10.5.15% of users will download at least one app per day, up 4% year-on-year.

Nearly 60% of users download apps from app stores and 13% from mobile searching engines.

image credit: Baidu

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