Joosee: Mobile Web Creation Tool That Brings Web Design to Your Palm


Sceenshot of Joosee

Joosee is a mobile website creation tool dedicated to help users to create stunning mobile sites anytime and anywhere.

Joosee is based on HTML 5, so users don’t need to install any apps. They can log in via browsers on smartphones with either Facebook or Google account, and then, create a beautiful site in minutes. The site offers two kinds of functions namely, web administration and web editing.

Business or personal, Jossee offers 100s of templates to choose from and each of them can be fully customized by customers. It also supports customization tools, QR code and desktop to mobile auto redirect. Once finished, users can shout it from the roof tops by sharing the site across social networks.

Joosee provides free service to up to 5 pages of 500 monthly visits and 14 days of trial service. Compared with other Web-based productivity suites like Zoho Site and Webnode, the selling point of Joosee is its mobility.