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Although the concept of group-buying is nothing new in China, most of them are focused on the fields of catering, entertainment, and garments. Goumin, an online pet community, expanded the concept to pet industry by releasing Aichongtuan, a mobile app dedicated to group-purchasing of pet products.

Users can select the kinds of pets or search the products you want on the front page to get quick access of high quality pet products. The app also supports the function of in-app payment.

Goumin was founded in 2006 by Tang Yang, founding member of Xiaonei, now known as Renren. It is a community where people can share pet pictures and tips in raising pets. According to official site of the company, Goumin has 1 million registered users with daily PV of more than 2 million. Goumin has dipped toes in e-commerce sector as early as 2010 by launching a special channel.

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