Youxiaoguai, a web-based email manager developed by Beijing Kaiba Software Technology, provides professional email management services to entry-level users. The service is still under internal testing.

Aiming to provide simple and easy-to-use services to users, the service currently offers three major functions, namely custom content delivery, smart group email (users can set the number and time of sending emails), and real-time data analysis. The company planned to add the functions of automatic classification according to importance of the emails and roll out mobile version in the future.

The firm was founded in March this year by a group of five members. It is seeking for $250,000 of Series A financing for product development and marketing. Its business model is to charge for advanced functions.

Indeed, the email market is packed with both foreign services like Mail Chimp, Champaign Monitor and domestic ones like EmailCar, U-mail and SendCloud, but all of them targeted at technical users and the operation is quite complicated.

Youxiaoguai, which is featured by simple operation, set eyes on non-technical users who have to deal with large amounts of emails, like business people, students and teachers. The company’s direct competitors thus narrowed down to Gmail, Foxmail, and NetEase, big companies which do not count on email business to earn profits.


Screenshot of Youxiaoguai

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