Beijing Branch of teleco China Unicom unveiled a GPS wristband smartphone, which enables parents to keep track of their little kids who are too young to use more complicated smartphones (report in Chinese).

There are only four keys on the wristband, to which parents can set four contact numbers. The product can locate the kids wearing it and update their historical tracks via short messages, Internet or apps. Kids can send SOS alerts in case of emergencies.

In addition, parents also can set a parameter within or out of which their targets can roam free. Once their kids approach the boundary, the device will send signals, and the users will receive an app notification on their mobile devices. Parents can listen to the sounds around their children to determine whether they are in a safe environment.

China Unicom’s positioning service is now priced at a preferential price of 360 yuan ($58.89) for two years, while the wristband is given for free. After the two year contract, the service is priced at 10 yuan per month.


                 Previous Kid Tracking Wristband Rleased by China Unicom

Although the company did not release pictures of the gadget, it is quite similar to a previous product released by China Unicom according to official descriptions, maybe with a few upgraded features.

A lot of domestic small electronic firms relaunched the revamped version of their previous electronic products to capitalize on the prevailing hardware craze.

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