Online retailor JD (previously known as 360buy) reportedly released IM tool Dongdong for individual customers. The service is currently under internal testing, but the official version will be released very soon (report in Chinese).

According to introduction on the official website, this service features two functions of personal communication and consumer service for JD. Users can either start a conversation with their friends or communicate with JD’s consumer service staff via Dongdong. It is now only available on PC and users have to login with JD accounts.

JD has previously launched Dongdong for merchants, which has functions like online customer service and order management.

The positioning of Dongdong is similar to Wangwang, an IM tool provided by Taobao for retailers to communicate with consumers. It is natural for JD to roll out homegrown IM tool in light of its efforts to build a complete business ecosystem, disclosed an insider.

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