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Baidu released today Baidu Phone Protector to spearhead foray into mobile security arena (report in Chinese). The service is an upgraded version of Android Optimization Master, an Android OS optimization product developed by Dianxin which Baidu acquired in late 2012.

Baidu claimed that the product features powerful virus detection and malware removal capacity. It can prevent malwares from racking up charges on your account and save data traffics. The service is distributed though Baidu Mobile Helper, 91 Helper and Android market.

Baidu Security Lab has established partnership with tens of security companies, including Kaspersky and Symantec, disclosed Dianxin founder Zhang Lei, who currently headed Baidu mobile security division.

The openness of Android system brings more users and developers as well as more security risks, because there’s much less regulation in terms of the app store that makes it much easier for criminals to target. Android apps that are infected by virus amounted to more than 100,000, while over 14 million users are affected by such malwares and costs totaled more than 70 million yuan ($11.45 million), citing Zhang (report in Chinese).

Li Mingyuan, vice president of Baidu, said that this product will fill the gap in Baidu’s mobile business and accelerate the construction of a complete mobile ecosystem.

Baidu has launched tens of mobile services and six of them have witnessed more than 100 million users. The development of a proprietary mobile security service may help Baidu to fend off competition from Qihoo 360, which enraged several companies by suggesting users to uninstall apps developed by its rivals.

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