iPhone5s Accounts for 12% of iOS Devices in China as of Dec 2013: Umeng Report

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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C account for 12% and 2% of the total iOS devices in mainland China as of December 2013, according to the report by Umeng, the Chinese mobile analytics and service provider. iPhone 5S seems more popular among Chinese users as iPhone 5 only gained 6.7% a share four month after the launch.

40% iOS devices had been updated to 7.0.4 version. Jailbreak rate decreased to 12.7% from 14.1% one month ago. Umeng concludes that more users chose to upgrade the operating system on their own rather than turn to a jailbreak provider.

One thousandth of Android devices in use in December 2013 were via 4G network. Umeng estimates that about 2 million smart devices are using 4G network daily.