Social photo aggregation service Cooliris announces today that it has been integrated into drones by Aibotix, a German autonomous aerial vehicle maker.

Aibotix’s next generation hexacopter Aibot X6 has a built-in camera mount that will be able to take photos of aerial angles of objectives and automatically upload to Cooliris Group real time. Cooliris users then can access photos or share to private groups on their iPad and iPhone.

Cooliris is the first consumer photo application that is integrated into Aibotix drones — it may be one of the first when it comes to drone-captured photo sharing in general. As a social photo viewing and management service, Cooliris has integrated more than 20 social services worldwide for users to browse across-web photos in one place.

Aibotix, founded in 2010, have been working on advanced image processing, sensor technology and robotics for many years. The Aibot X6 is sold around the world.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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