AppAnnie has added new features to its free Store Stats tool that you can track apps’ performance on Google Play, iOS, Amazon, and Mac App Store apps in up to 10 countries at once.

For instance, you can see the rank history of WeChat on iOS Store in multiply countries as below. What immediately drew my attention is a peak during the past holiday season. The graph in orange is WeChat’s performance on the U.S. iOS Store. It’s unknown what marketing efforts by Tencent, WeChat’s parent company, helped it.


What’s obvious is that WeChat’s ranking began rising after Tencent added some staff in the U.S. to promote the mobile messaging app in early 2013.

WeChat reached the peak just in time for Christmas, ranked No. 8 in social networking on the U.S. iOS Store. If it was boosted by marketing practices, Tencent must have wasted money or other efforts that the app’s rank dropped back to where it was before the holidays.

WeChat on iOS

When it comes to Google Play, the performance is similar. The rank suddenly rocketed up during the holidays and reached 11th in the category of communication in the U.S.

WeChat on Google Play

Images below show the performance of WeChat in more Asian countries or regions. (HK:Hong Kong, SG: Singapore, TW: Taiwan, CN: China, MY: Malaysia, ID:India, TH: Tailand, VN: Vietnam)

WeChat's Rank on iOS Store
WeChat’s Rank on iOS Store
WeChat's Rank on Google Play
WeChat’s Rank on Google Play

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