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Xianrenzhang is a mobile app developed by Shanghai-based Richeninfo. It provides investment information, helps users to understand the stock market, and ultimately, makes wiser investment decisions.

Xianrenzhang is powered by thematic investing, an emerging investment strategy which involves finding a general theme or trend that an investor feels might provide positive investment returns, and then find regions, industries, sectors, and individual stocks that might benefit from that theme in the future.

Different from similar apps that categorize information according to industries and sectors, Xianrenzhang divides the stocks into different themes and offers analysis on market progress, theme trends, core component stocks, prospects, and risks.

To optimize user experience, the app adopts an interface similar to regular apps and displays accesses to important functions like thematic information, researches, on a left-handed sidebar.

Cofounded by three experts of financial industry, the company is currently operated by a team of 18 members. The app claimed to have registered more than 50,000 users as of present since its launch in October 2013. Similar domestic services are Emoney, DZH, Hithink Flush, Portfolio, etc.

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