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StarComposer is a music creation app developed by British startup P4S Publishing.  Originated as part of an educational programme for school children aged 5 – 15 years, StarComposer developed into the existing iOS app, including teenagers and adults into its user base– any music lover with or without formal musical education.

To distinguish itself from other music apps which either take a more complicated and professional studio-like approach, or dedicated to the exploration of a singular instrument, StarComposer is engaged in developing features marked by quick pick-up-and-play element, fun and entertainment value, alongside colorful and engaging interactive design.

The technology and intuitive concept of StarComposer brings immediacy to music making with or without any musical knowledge whatsoever. Within minutes the users can create a unique combination of melodies and riffs (repeated segments of songs) to produce a finished song.

StarComposer is Free to download with music styles of Dance and Pop and also offers a total selection of 11 musical styles with the remainder being R&B, Funk, Metal, Reggae, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Blues, Rock.

Each musical style features four musical instruments offering a choice of four pre-recorded studio-quality music loops. A total of 16 in all, that can be mixed and matched by tapping the interface to form a completed musical arrangement. As a bonus, vocals can be laid on top using headphones if desired.

Basic information on the typical roles within song composition can be found by tapping the individual instrument panels. However, this information is probably best demonstrated by the users experience and understanding of how their chosen musical loops sound and blend together as a finished piece, making the educational aspect of the app a creative process in itself. StarComposer also adheres to the software guidelines for children, carries parental control settings and is currently free from advertising.

The app’s download figures reached 1.2 million to-date since its release on 5th Sept 2013, with the Asian download market share accounting for 30% of the overall figure.

The startup has localized the app into 12 languages which include both traditional and simplified Chinese. Taking Asia as one of the marketing focuses, P4S Publishing released a special edition in-app purchase featuring Congratulations – one of China’s most popular New Year songs. The app is also quite popular in other Asian countries like Singapore and South Korea.

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