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Viber, a VoIP service claiming more than 200 million users, recently launched Viber 4.0 on Windows Phone 8, an important update that brings the latest Viber features to Microsoft’s mobile platform including the Viber Sticker Market.

Viber is currently available for the mainstream operating systems like iOS and Android. In addition to sticker shop which is considered a must for mobile messaging apps — thanks to LINE who has successfully run such a shop in terms of popularity and revenue, the new version added a spate of new features which bring the Windows Phone 8 version of Viber in-line with other versions of the app, including improvements on features for status, photos and notifications.

Viber users can send free text messages, fun stickers, photos, videos and doodles, share locations anywhere in the world, make free HD-quality calls and communicate with Push-To-Talk.

“Over the last several months, we have taken significant steps to make the full Viber experience available across as many platforms as possible, and the release for Windows Phone 8 is another step along that path,” said Talmon Marco, CEO of Viber.

In last December, the company just launched Viber Out, a new feature that allows users to make low-cost calls to any mobile or landline phone number.

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