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Qianshengqian (money generator in Chinese) is a mobile financial app developed by Beijing-based startup RQQ Network. It is dedicated to recommend customized mix of investment portfolios to users.

Powered by an algorithm developed by the company, users can get a curated investment plan after answering a few questions like how much risk you’re willing to take, current assets, family, educational and occupational backgrounds.

Moreover, users can check information of their financial products on the app, such as interests of the products, information of the distributors, etc. The company planned to launch an in-app purchase feature in the near future, but currently it only redirects the clients to relevant websites.

The service now provides recommendation service for three kinds of low-risk financial products, namely monetary fund, P2P lending and optimal financial planning. The target users of this service are white-collar customers without investment experiences.

Different from Alibaba’s mutual fund Yuebao which lowered the threshold for buying financial products by enabling users to purchase the funds in AliPay Wallet app directly, Qianshengqian only provides recommendation services. But the selling point of this service is higher return.

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