PICOOC, a Beijing-based smart body scale maker, is raising $20 million in Series B funding. As the round hasn’t been closed, PICOOC didn’t disclose the investors.

Body scale that can record and analyze health metrics isn’t new. But thanks to the maker hype, products like the well-designed PICOOC Latin drew much attention from media and consumers. As we introduced before, PICOOC had also developed accompanying smart hardware for the scale.

Latin, sold at 699 yuan (roughly USD116), launched sales in December 2013. PICOOC joined the hardware platform built by Baidu Cloud. Baidu provides cloud storage and analytics services to appcessories. Smart wristband Codoon, smart watch inWatch and a couple of others have been on the platform.

Tracey Xiang

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at traceyxiang@gmail.com