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The 11-year old Luoo is a personalized music recommendation website which aims to better promote indie music and bands. It is currently available on website and iOS platform, while the Android and WP version will be released soon.

Luoo provides brand-new interpretations of music rather than simply showcases the good music. The music handpicked by experts in different domains of music is arranged in the form of journals, which is composed of music, text and pictures to express different emotions and attitudes. Users can either comment or share them to friends.

Luoo’s text contents range from feature articles of indie music to introduction and interviews of indie bands. Moreover, it has professional editors with special tastes who combine music, literature and photographs together.

Luoo also randomly displays music to listeners together with the stories and feelings written by other listeners of the same song. Users can comment on the song or interact with other listeners to share their feelings. More than 30,000 of users come here to listen to the music with entirely different stories, feelings and lives.

Popular music dominates mainstream music streaming platforms like Baidu Music and QQ Music. Indie music or original music, which focused on smaller group of fans, is supported by dedicated products like Luoo, 5sing and YYFC. It is easier for indie music platforms to tackle the issues of copyright and profitability because of the small audience.

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