Launched earlier this year, DonationShop is a Hong Kong-headquartered charity e-commerce website, which helps charity organizations/non-profits to collect donations by selling branded merchandise on the website, which will also set up and host e-stores for them.

The sellers only need to select the type of merchandise, graphics and branding, while DonationShop will manufacture, pack and ship the products on behalf of them.

What’s impressive about the startup is that these organizations do not have to bother with all the troubles in shipping its branded products, more importantly, the sellers are saved from the trouble of raising initial investments, and therefore, avoid the financial risks involved in case a charity’s products fail to sell.

The startup keeps a fee close to the wholesale price of the product when a product gets sold, and the rest of the profit goes to the charity seller’s PayPal account. The products are manufactured by DonationShop’s factory located in Shenzhen and shipped in a post addressed to end-users.

In addition to non-profits, DonationShop also caters for the needs of public figures, politicians, celebrities, brands, corporation, media, high traffic websites or just good promoters for various causes.

“Since this is a very new way to collect donations, our goal is to create a trend among public figures, brands or companies to have a donation shop and use their names to help.” says David Rubben, founder of the company. “Once this donation idea is established among few bright public figures, many will follow and a lot more donations will be done for the charities across the world.” he noted.

image credit: DonationShop

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