Flink Frame
Flink Frame

The hardware revolution is smartizing everything including your family photo frames.

Flink is a digital photo frame that works with your iOS/Android/Windows Phone smart devices. You and your family will be able to upload and organize photos in your smartphones, including those on Facebook or Instagram, through a mobile app. You can like or save photos directly on its 8-inch touchscreen. Flink displays photos even when Internet connection isn’t available.

Other features or capabilities such as photo filters, digital holiday cards, voice messages, and short videos make it way more than a digital photo frame.

Screenshots of Flink Apps
Screenshots of Flink Apps

It’s made in China but for markets like the US. Flink team say they are seeing huge demand across families in the US. Like many other nowadays hardware products, Flink is on Kickstarter raising funding. So far more than 190 backers have bought into the idea and pledged money.

The app is for free and will always be free as Flink promises. The company plans to make money from premium offerings such as message features, videos, holiday cards, and extra space expansions.

Flink don’t see there’s a big room for profiting from the hardware. Also the company will explore bigger and better screens and better materials for next generations of Flink frame, which must mean higher costs.

Flink mobile app was launched in January 2014 and the frame is expected to be shipped in May this year.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at traceyxiang@gmail.com

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